Our Story

Our Philosophy


At De Novo Wines we believe that all life is precious, we think differently, and embrace the many opportunities life provides to engage on a new path. We constantly rethink how we conduct business with an emphasis on how we can improve our interaction with the earth, its animals, its people and its various communities. We aim to better understand our impact on the planet, especially global warming, to take steps to improve the health of the planet for future generations.




As farmers of grapes, our unique and diverse terroirs rely on mother earth and its fragile ecosystem to bring amazing wines to your cellars, tables, families, friends and celebrations of new beginnings. We believe that global warming is the largest threat to human kind and have therefore evaluated how, together, we can embrace a new sustainable path towards a new lifestyle on the planet.

Source: https://www.sustainablewinegrowing.org/certified-sustainable-winegrowing.php

Source: https://www.sustainablewinegrowing.org/certified-sustainable-winegrowing.php


Our Community


We support many communities and non-profit organizations in our area and abroad by donating, as an example, wines for their annual fundraising events. We have a particular affinity with schools since they help shape the thinking of future leaders of our planet.


The Team

Hervé Bruckert
Born on planet earth around the time when astronauts enjoyed the first view of the earth rise from space, Hervé has always observed nature to find answers when challenged in his life. Growing up in Alsace he was surrounded by beautiful villages nested among the open vineyards and believes that vineyards should be gardens. His passion for wine is driven by his family heritage but also by the fact that wine connects people. When dreaming about the rest of his life about 15 years ago, one of Hervé's goal was to become carbon neutral. Thanks in part to carbon offsets using reforestation as well as changes in his lifestyle, Hervé and his family are now carbon neutral.

Deepti Illa, MBA
Over ten years ago, Deepti was introduced to Hervé by a mutual friend to help with De Novo's marketing efforts. Having studied winemaking and the sensory evaluation of wine, she was eager for an opportunity to take her interest in wine to the next level by joining De Novo. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and an Introductory Certified Sommelier. Deepti’s passion lies in wine and food pairing, as well as bringing authentic wine experiences to our customers.

Kevin K. Mack, MBA
Kevin is a managing partner that joined De Novo Wines in 2018. Growing up on the East Coast, Kevin developed a curiosity for winemaking through watching his Grandfather grow grapes and make brandy.  Now on the West Coast, he continues to honour his Grandfather's tradition. Along with being an ambassador for De Novo's environmental sustainability efforts; his focus is on the financial aspects of the business.

Ron Siegemund, MD
BALANCE.  It is so extremely important to every aspect of each of us as a living being, from global to molecular.  To me, Wine is a great expression of finding such a balance.  As a pediatric physician I strive to find the optimal equilibrium for each of my patients.   The making of wine also requires careful attention to achieve a similar balance between art and learned science.   I also believe that a deep respect for and partnership with our planet is essential.   I am proud to share DeNovo Wines’ passion on being in balance with nature.

New Partner Opportunity in Marketing and Sales

We are searching for a new partner to help us in our Marketing and Sales effort. The job description is:

Title:  Sales and Marketing Partner. 

De Novo Wines is a family-based wine company bound by a common cause: authentic, terroir-driven wines in harmony with the land and people essential to its existence. Our vision is to create a wine community inspired by the concept of new beginnings(De Novo is latin and means new beginnings) and the respect of nature. Our mission is to respect the terroir and history of the vineyards we partner with to bring to life amazing wines created in the spirit of sustainability.

Position Summary:We seek a motivated, entrepreneurial individual to contribute to our sales and marketing strategy and initiatives. The Sales and Marketing Partner is responsible for the execution of sales and marketing strategy for the De Novo wine portfolio of both California Wines and imported Alsatian Wines. The partner works closely with the producers, sales, marketing, and communications teams to communicate the winery vision, create marketing materials and programs, and to develop and execute brand strategy in the US market and abroad. You will be working in a friendly but fast moving environment, and have the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the sales and marketing team as well as the company. 

Essential Functions:

·      Contribute to the development of brand plans and sales and marketing strategies for our wine portfolio. 

·      Lead the development of our new website.

·      Execute brand marketing and sales strategy.

·      Lead and participate in tasting events in NCAL and across the country.

·      Effectively communicate brand strategies and product information to sales team and wholesalers to improve brand awareness and increase distribution and sell-through at all levels and channels. 

·      Develop marketing programs and promotions to convey brand messaging, increase brand awareness and drive sales of our wine portfolio. 

·      Develop and maintain brand collateral and point-of-sale material, to include sell sheets, brand presentations, brochures, displays, shelf-talkers, wearables, and more. 

·      Contribute to all aspects of brand sales and marketing strategy, including public relations, three-tier sales and distribution programs, channel-specific promotional strategies, point-of-sale strategies, and event marketing opportunities. 

·      Develop and maintain KPI tracking for sales and marketing programs and promotions including quantitative and qualitative analysis in order to measure impact and effectiveness; apply the resulting information to the development and refinement of future programs.

·      Act as our main liaison between the US market and our partner in Alsace France.

·      Adhere to legal and regulatory standards in all marketing activities.


·       Manage existing key accounts in the Bay Area and across the country.

·       Work independently in the market building on already established account relationships while creating new ones both on and off premise.

·       Identify and drive new business growth with new customers.

·       Help accounting department with A/R. 

·       Attend week end trade events across the country.

·       Become an active member of the wine community through frequent and positive interaction with key buyers through account calls, event participation, and social media.

·       Coordinating and representing the brands at winemaker dinners and other sales events; educating wait staff and retailers. 

Desired Qualifications:

·      4-year BA/BS degree. Sales, marketing, or business background preferred. MBA a plus. 

·      Thorough understanding of three tier distribution system, market dynamics and industry protocols. 

·      Strong trade insight and understanding (channels, distributors, programming and incentives). 

·      Eagerness and ability to foster close, mutually-beneficial relationships with critical industry partners in order to cooperatively identify and exploit opportunities. 

·      Proven success in brand management. 

·      Willingness to travel on occasion as an ambassador at various events. 

Compensation: Commission, no salary.

Benefits: no benefits

All partners in the De Novo Wines LLC own shares. This position involves becoming an owner in the company. Ownership can be gained with an initial capital investment which can grow overtime.

Please apply via email @ herve@denovowines.com and visit www.denovowines.com