Global warming and our commitment for change.


As farmers of grapes, our unique and diverse terroirs rely on mother earth and its fragile ecosystem to bring amazing wines to your cellars, tables, families, friends and celebrations of new beginnings.

We believe that global warming is the largest threat to human kind and have therefore evaluated how, together, we can embrace a new sustainable path towards a new lifestyle on the planet.

Many believe that challenges related to global warming should be addressed by governments. While governments can help set policies, each and every one of us has many choices now to combat global warming, all having a significant impact on the planet when those choices are embraced across the globe.

For Francophone speakers we encourage you to click the link below and read the following report on global warming:

Global warming report


Planting 5 Trees
for Every Bottle

Our Commitment To You


We recently discovered while searching for a means to be carbon neutral as individuals, that reforestation is a very effective and natural way to help restore the equilibrium we drove out of balance.

While many nonprofit organizations offer tree planting services, we found that the 4-H Million Trees Project (4HMT) / Friends of Usambara Society (FoU) project in northern Tanzania is very cost effective, and provides a great return on the philanthropic investment.  Working in the West Usambara Mountains, FoU/Usambara Environmental Rescue Group can raise trees in nurseries and plant them in reforestation, agroforestry, and woodlot projects for US$0.08/tree. Assuming that a tree can sequester about 50 pounds of atmospheric CO2 /year, this means that an American can contribute $600 and plant 7,500 trees to offset their carbon footprint.

The 4HMT is working with FOU in this effort to reforest the Eastern Arc Mountain ranges.  Part of this effort is to educate students about horticulture, the scientific methods, and the value of trees in the climate crisis.  This year FOU started 4-H environmental clubs at 24 schools where the main project at each school is a 10,000 seed tree nursery.  Next year 60 more schools will join the program.  The goal is for all students in the Eastern Arc regions to get involved, and learn an environmental ethic from a young age.

The 4-H Million Trees Project website links are:

We encourage you to begin anew and to directly donate to the organization.

De Novo Wines sources most of its grapes from sustainable farming partners and has committed to planting 5 trees with our partners in Tanzania for every bottle we sell directly to you.


Choices we can make to impact global warming

• Food we eat: vegetarian / organic vs. omnivore / non-organic
• Cars we drive: electric / hybrid vs. gas powered
• Investments in energy infrastructure: renewable vs. fossil fuels
• Transportation: bike / walk / public transportation vs. cars
• Job proximity: bike to work vs. drive to work
• Air travel: less frequent with longer stay vs. frequent with shorter stay
• Consumptions: reuse / recycle vs. disposal / ban plastic